Single Side PE Coated Paper Cup Machine-QI S 151

Machine Description

QI S151 is our economical and classical paper cup forming machine which can make cups 2.5 to 12 oz. It has a unique design with guard cover, which is better for heat dissipation and ensures the machine has a longer life span. It is automatic single PE paper cup forming machine with multi-working station which has function of photocell detection, failure alarm, counter and the advantages of humanism design, safer operation and easier maintenance.

It makes single-side PE-film-coated paper cup after running a whole procedure of automatic pre-printed-fan-shape-paper feeding, cup-side-body sealing, silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling),bottom punching, bottom  pre-heating and pre-folding, main heating, bottom knurling(cool device), top curling and cup discharging. It is an ideal equipment of making paper cups for hot drink disposable paper cups: paper tea cup, coffee cup.

single side pe coated low speed paper cup machine

Advantages Compared to Other Paper Cup Machine Supplier

  • We use standard 6×6 mm angle iron for the frame of this disposable paper cup making machine, which ensures its firmness.
  • The knurling part is special than others. It is four times power strength as other machines and it makes low leaking ratio and high quality cups.
  • Our disposable paper cup making machine is much easier for repair and maintenance.
  • There are three pillars each side which makes it more stable and durable.
  • All the cams and gears are robust enough to maintain super performance when the machine running for a long time.

Main Technical Specification

Model QI S151 Automatic single PE Paper Cup Machine
Paper Cup Size 2.5 oz-12 oz (mold exchangeable) 60ml-330ml
Raw Material One-side PE (polyethylene) film coated
Paper GSM 160 -230gsm
Speed 45-55 pcs/ minute
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz or other required
Total Power 4.8 KW
Total Weight 1500 KG
Package Size
(L x W x H)
2600 x1220 x1700mm

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