Single Side PE Coated High Speed Paper Cup Machine-QI S 154

Machine Description

QI S 154 high speed paper cup machine is invented based on adoption of the advantages of domestic and abroad technology and is suitable for any paper quality. QI S 154 adopts the uniquely designed bottom knurling system (Single shaft Korean type). This ensures low leakage along with high speed production of paper cups. The machine uses imported Schneider inverter to drive the machine, automatic oil lubricating system, vacuum pump to suck down the paper along with the automatic cup collecting system.

single side pe coated medium speed paper cup machine

Main features

  • Output is improved: The productivity is improved to 70-80 pcs/min.
  • Stepping-motor is used to control the bottom paper feeding machine is more stable and to save on raw material. With light eyes under the paper roll, the machine will be stopped when out of bottom-paper, avoiding the waste in paper.
  • Gear drive is adopted to avoid the defect of loose gap of chain drive.
  • We use a self-lubrication system in the machine, which reduces the friction between the parts. So the machine can be maintained without manually fueling.
  • This device adopt non-contact multipoint light control switch (such as in paper holder, cup tube ,bottom paper and so on, according to customer demand). It can detect working situation, then achieve a fault alarm preventing machine from collision, makes the machine more stable and longevous.
  • The machine is equipped with gear motor simplifies the complicated system and makes the machine more stable.

Main Technical Specification

Model QI S 154 Automatic single PE Paper Cup Machine
Material 150g - 350g single pe coated paper
Speed 70 - 80pcs / min
Voltage 380v 50hz
Air power 0.20m3 / min
Power 5.5 KW
Total Weight 2700 KG
Overall dimension 2500 * 1300 * 1900

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