Semi Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Machine Description

QI D 670 creasing die cutting machine is a semi-automatic machine for creasing and cutting ordinary paper board, card-board, corrugated board and plastic sheets. This flat press indentation line cutter is applicable for printing, packaging, plastic production, and so on. The creasing and cutting machine enjoys the advantages of compact structure, stable performance, high precision, convenient use and safe operation.

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  • The flat press indentation line cutter’s body adopts high quality materials with high strength and good rigidity.
  • Flywheel has high torque and big cutting pressure.
  • Sliding bearings of creasing and cutting machine are made of high quality cast copper alloy that features wear resistance and vibration reduction.
  • Monolithic electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
  • This flat press indentation line cutter possesses single pressure cutting, continuous press cutting and opening delay. The delay range is adjustable.
  • Creasing and cutting machine’s security system is adjustable.
  • Design of the operation height is reasonable. The opening angle of pressure frame is big.
  • Main part of this die cutter includes plain bearing, flywheel, body and monolithic electromagnetic clutch.
  • This flat press indentation line cutter can be equipped with internal and external activity plate frame and centralized refueling device. (Standard configuration is the external activity plate frame)
  • For maintenance of this creasing and cutting machine, we should remember to do centralized oiling and lubrication every day.

Main Technical Specification

Model QI D 670
Working speed 25±2
Working area 930x670 mm
Length of Creasing Cutting Line less than 25 m
Motor Power 4 kW, 380 V
Overall Dimension 1600 mm × 1820 mm × 1600 mm
Net Weight 2800 kg
Gross Weight 3000 kg

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