Automatic Roll Die Cutting Machine – Single Row - QI D 290

Machine Description

QI D 290 is an automatic paper roll to single row die cutting machine. It is PLC controlled and has touch-screen design. Under the traction of stepper motor, reel paper (web) is sent to the platen die cutting device. The feeding amount can be set through the screen conveniently and precisely. Blank paper and printing paper can both be die-cut. The reel paper die cutting machine uses pneumatic clutch, which contributes to fast and reliable operation. It also improves production with high quality, low consumption and high security. The automatic platen die cutting machine adopts automatic feeding control and color tracking to realize precise die cutting and easy operation. Mould is easy to replace with low cost. This reel paper die cutting machine is suitable for cutting paper cups, paper bags, paper bowls and various other types of paper products.

automatic roll die cutting machine image

Main Technical Parameters of Automatic Roll Die Cutting Machine – Single Row

Model QI D 290
Die Cutting Precision ±0.25 mm
Max. Die Cutting Speed 150 strokes / min
Max. Die Cutting Pressure 15 t
Max. Die Cutting Paper Dimension 750 mm × 290 mm
Max. Unreeling Diameter 1200 mm
Applicable Paper 80 to 800 gsm
Total Motor Power 4.5 kW
Overall Dimension 3200 mm × 1500 mm × 1800mm
Total Weight 1800 kg

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