Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine - QI D 500

Machine Description

QI D 500 Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine is the most ideal paper roll die cutting machine for the paper cup industry.It is very suitable to cut the paper roll to sheets by wooden dies. It is PLC controlled. It is equipped with overload protecting system and has many more safety features. All the key parts are from reputed international brands which ensures the machine can run stable for a long time.

automatic paper roll die cutting machine image


  • The paper roll feeding is by servo motor
  • You can preset the die cutting method, either by following the color code or by setting the certain cutting length.
  • It is very easy to change the wooden die.
  • Machine is equiped with sensor and webguide system.
  • More easy for daily maintenance.
  • Machine paper feeding and retreat is controled by the same button and same motor.

Main Technical Parameters of Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine

Model QI D 500
Max die cutting area 930 x 500
Die cutting length <250mm
Min die cutting area 490 * 400
Max Speed 80-100 strokes per min
Main power 11kw
Max die cutting pressure 120ton
Material 100 - 500 g/m2
Air source 1.0m3 / min ; 0.8Mpa
Weight 5T
Dimension 4000 * 1780 * 1920 MM

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